Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

As a lifelong pianist and organist with a strong passion for music, my overall goal with all students I teach is to help them develop a love for the piano and music in general. While there are many things about teaching that I enjoy, what I cherish the most is seeing my students grow to truly find joy in their musical journey. This passion for music is something they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

My teaching approach is personally tailored to each individual student. While I do have certain regimens and requirements for all students, I always adjust to each student’s personal ability and preferred learning styles. I teach students of all ages and skill levels but encourage everyone to set goals and push themselves to the highest levels they can. I believe what is most important is that every student is consistently progressing, even if they all progress at different rates.

It is very important to me that my students become well-rounded pianists by developing proficiency in multiple areas. In order to achieve this, I incorporate several aspects of learning into every lesson including technique, sight-reading, theory and ear training, classical repertoire, ensemble playing, and playing by ear. I hope that through these experiences my students will become self-reliant pianists who continue to use their skills even after discontinuing lessons.

I feel that anyone can start learning to play the piano at any age. However, I have found that the ideal age to begin piano lessons is 6 years old. Students who begin at this age are able to learn new skills quickly and develop good habits that will make the rest of their learning experience much easier. In my years of teaching experience, I have seen the most success with students who began at this age and continued to study with me through their adolescence. Thorough and consistent training from a young age goes a long way. I aim to achieve this course with as many of my students as possible.

Learning to play the piano has numerous benefits for people of all ages, but especially for children. It teaches organization, diligence, hard work, patience, commitment, and fosters creativity. It helps children learn to set goals and make plans to achieve them and builds their confidence when they succeed. I’ve seen many students come to identify themselves as pianists, and it really gives them a strong sense of self-worth to be proud of the talent they’ve worked so hard to master. As a teacher, I aim to work together with my students to help them attain these powerful benefits for the rest of their lives

All in all, my teaching philosophy is centered on love, patience, passion, and diligence. I care about each and every one of my students and truly want them to succeed. Music has brought so much joy to my life, and I hope to pass that along to every student that joins my studio.