Studio Policy

Student Responsibilities
  • Students should come to lessons well prepared with all assignments from the previous lesson.
  • Keep fingernails trimmed short to ensure proper hand position and technique.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before your lesson begins.
  • Read the assignment pages in your notebook and practice those assignments.
  • Practice as recommended by the teacher. Each student will have a personal practicing recommendation that may differ based on their level and ability.
Parent Responsibilities
  • Provide music books, a working metronome and other materials as requested.
  • Provide quality listening music for your child to help them to become aware of different musical styles and provide a broad background and knowledge of classical music.
  • Attend live concerts with your child.
  • Provide time, support, encouragement, and discipline for regular and consistent practice.
  • Make sure that your child practices the piano each day. Many students will not take the initiative to do this on their own and need to be reminded.
  • Be involved in your child’s practice at home. Particularly with younger students or beginners, parents will need to help the child organize.   It is helpful to review the lesson assignment with your child to ensure reasonable preparation for lessons. Remember, parents need to initial practice time weekly, indicating you have actually listened to the student practice.
  • Check your email regularly. I often communicate through email and/or by texting.
Piano Lessons
  • Private piano lessons are offered in weekly 30- or 45-minute sessions. 
  • Generally children 6 and up are accepted for beginning piano, exceptions are made for exceptionally-motivated younger children on an individual basis.  
  • Depending on the student’s goals, 45-minute lessons may be appropriate for older intermediate and advanced students.
  • Transfer students will receive an initial consultation during their first lesson to assess current abilities and discuss what they would like to accomplish, establishing expectations for both the teacher and student. 
  • The curriculum is customized to meet each student’s specific goals and needs, but will always include training in both classical and popular music styles, sight-reading, technique, ear training and music theory.
  • Students have the option to participate in competitions, festivals and examinations.
Organ Lessons
  • Private organ lessons are offered in weekly 30- minute sessions for beginning students, or 45- minutes for intermediate/advanced students. The curriculum is customized to meet each student’s specific goals and needs.
Required Materials
  • The cost for books and materials are NOT included with tuition.
  • Method books will be chosen by the teacher according to the student’s level and goals. For convenience, required materials are kept in stock and can be easily purchased at the time of lessons.
  • Transfer students should bring any books they were studying with their previous teacher to their first lesson.
  • Students should have a music bag or backpack to keep all materials such as books and flashcards together.
  • Metronomes are available on Amazon or local musics stores, or available for free on the App Store.
Your Piano
  • Piano students are expected to have an appropriate well-tuned fully furnished 88-key acoustic piano with working pedals for home practice.
  • Pianos should be tuned at least annually. If you would like me to recommend a tuner/technician, please ask.
Studio Etiquette
  • Parents must bring and pick students up on time
  • No food, drinks or gum in the music studio
  • Young children may not be left unattended
  • Please contact Amber for current tuition rates.
Tuition Payment
  • Tuition is paid in advance for each semester and is due by the first lesson.  See the Calendar page for semester start and end dates.
  • Personal checks and cash are accepted, or you may log in and use our online payment system, which accepts all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as eChecks and bank transfers (via PayPal). A student’s time slot is reserved upon receipt of payment.
  • Current students are given the first opportunity to pre-register each term so that they may keep their existing time slot if desired.
Missed Lessons
  • The week following each semester is a “make-up week” and one missed piano lesson from the prior term may be made up at no extra charge.  This allows students and parents the flexibility of missing a lesson during the term for any reason and knowing it can be rescheduled without penalty. 
  • Only one missed lesson can be made up per term, additional missed lessons will simply be missed and not rescheduled or credited. 
  • As a courtesy, please provide advance notice as soon as possible when you know you’ll miss a lesson.
  • If a student does not miss any lessons during a semester, and would like to have a lesson during make-up week, they may do so and be billed for the additional lesson.
  • If a lesson needs to be cancelled by the teacher, it can be rescheduled for another day that week (if possible) or be credited to the student’s account.  In the case of a credit, it may be used toward a future term or refunded, at the student’s option.
Summer Lessons
  • Summer Session is unique in that you may choose in advance how many lessons you wish to take out of the 10 possible weeks and pay only for those lessons.  This provides maximum flexibility for families to take time off over the summer.  Due to this unique format there is not a make-up week at the end of Summer Session.

Discontinuing Lessons
  • In the event there is a decision to discontinue lessons, either a one-month notice or a two-month lesson fee is required. This allows me a chance to fill the time slot and finish the lessons on a positive note for the student.

Termination of Lessons

Students may be dismissed from lessons for any of the following reasons:

  • Inadequate practice
  • Destruction or theft of property in my home or studio
  • Disrespect or uncooperative attitude toward teacher or other students
  • Failure to comply with studio policy
  • Failure to pay tuition on the due date
Recitals and Performances
  • Recitals are NOT optional. They are a requirement of my studio. The student and his/her supporters must arrive on time and stay until ALL students have played.
  • Other events such as competitions, festivals, and examinations are optional.